We at Trinity Advocates are dedicated to ensuring our military servicemembers and veterans have the support and protections that they have afforded us for many generations. Protections that the laws and the Constitution that they swore to uphold and defend fully afford them!

On September 12, 2020, we want everyone to know Trinity Advocates has not forgotten how those events 19 years ago profoundly affected a generation and the military servicemembers and their families whose lives instantly changed on that day. Anyone and everyone that knows someone who was a military servicemember at that time knows that they immediately responded to the nation’s call of distress. Many other “civilians” also immediately responded to this call of duty.

We should all be grateful to live in a country of relative peace, but we also know that it can be threatened in an instant. Those who picked up the shield and the sword to defend us sacrificed their lives and their futures so that their families and yours could be secure and safe at home, and allowed to go on with your day to day lives in peace and prosperity.

This is why we must fight to protect it, and we must protect those who fight for it! We’ve got your six!