Since retiring from the JAG Corps and starting his own successful law practice, Carson J. Tucker has been engaged in fighting cases defending veterans and military servicemembers in state courts and military tribunals in the United States and abroad. There is a large population of disabled veterans and military personnel transitioning into post-military or civilian life who desperately need consultation, legal advice and attorneys who will fight for them and for their rights with only their best interests in mind. Attorneys and law firms that are not focused on helping veterans and servicemembers precisely because they are veterans and servicemembers will not provide the same unbiased and diligent service that those who have actually been on the front lines and have witnessed the administrative and military apparatus that defines much of the military servicemembers current active duty and post-active duty life. Without a full understanding of the inherent conditions and limitations placed on servicemembers and veterans transitioning into civilian life (especially the disabled – which makes up about 70 percent of the current veteran population) ordinary civilian attorneys cannot provide the full range of competent services and advice needed for their clients. Carson J. Tucker has been admitted in Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, and Iowa, as well as military tribunals in the United States and overseas to handle specific cases for veterans. He continues to deploy to other states, including Florida, Illinois, Texas and New Hampshire, to directly assist other attorneys and veterans with legal issues that they are facing on a daily basis. Many veterans who cannot afford the full costs of legal services cannot find lawyers or law firms willing to work for the veteran regardless of their present ability to pay, and more often than not, the veteran will spend all his or her disability pay and income trying to pay onerous and punitive opposing counsel’s attorney fees and former spouses, and simply cannot afford to pay their own attorneys. Trinity Advocates is trying to remedy this problem by responding to veterans in need and deploying to handle crisis situations in an holistic manner so that the veteran will have help, advice, counsel, and resources to fight his or her battles in and out of the courtroom.