In Miller v. Miller, Attorney Carson J. Tucker of Lex Fori PLLC appeared pro hac vice and filed a supplemental brief to bring the state trial court’s attention to the sweeping unanimous opinions secured by Mr. Tucker in the Supreme Court of Michigan case of Foster v. Foster and the United States Supreme Court case of Howell v. Howell, both of which Mr. Tucker participated in as direct appellate counsel or amicus counsel.

Mr. Tucker has been “boots on the ground” in this Tennessee proceeding since August of 2018 in an effort to ensure that our disabled veteran population outside of Fort Campbell, Kentucky is defended under the federal laws designed to protect them.

Trinity Advocates puts “Boots on the Ground” to fight state court encroachment and overreaching. The march across the country continues in an effort to restore to those disabled veterans their constitutional entitlements in their disability pay, which has heretofore been taken by unscrupulous lawyers and state court systems convinced that they can ignore the absolute preemptive effect of federal law in this area. No more! The United States Constitution requires state court judges to abide by federal law and not to enter any order or judgment contradicting the statutes passed by Congress pursuant to its enumerated Article I powers in the Constitution. These powers were delegated to the federal government and the states have no say in the matter, anything in the constitutions, laws or judgments of the states to the contrary notwithstanding. These powers are the source for the benefits paid to our military servicemembers and veterans for the sacrifices they have made fighting for and serving the nation.

The fight continues. We’ve got your six!