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That’s the sort of thing that gives, you know, law a bad name. It makes a charade out of the statute.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts

criticizing state courts refusal to follow federal law during oral arguments in Howell v. Howell, March 2017

Veteran Justice Is Our Priority

Family and domestic law is addressed at the state-court level, but veterans and their benefits are governed exclusively by federal law. Laws providing veterans with benefits, including retirement income, disability, insurance benefits, and more, are federal laws passed by Congress in the exercise of its Article I powers under the U.S. Constitution.  This means that these laws preempt, that is trump, all state laws (and state court orders that stand in their way).

Time and again, state courts have ignored this constitutional principle and have deprived our veterans of their federal, indeed, constitutional rights to their benefits.  They have ordered veterans to pay their disability over to the state, to opposing attorneys, and to other parties, including former spouses and children, under threat of contempt, criminal prosecution and imprisonment.  State courts have been getting away with this theft for many decades, despite the fact that in nearly every case that has actually makes it up to the Supreme Court, the Court has ruled in favor of the veteran! 

The United States Supreme Court has continuously upheld the supremacy of the federal law in this particular area. Yet, state courts and lawyers continue to seek ways to get around this law and the decisions of the nation’s highest court.

If you are facing a state court and feel lost and alone, you are not!

We are here for you and we will fight for you! 


All Veterans Donation

Donations made to the Trinity Advocates general fund support all veterans seeking justice. No less than 95% of funds will go directly to the legal support of veterans.

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Trinity Advocates Needs Your Help!


Each day we are learning of more veterans & more active duty members who need our help. They are alone and afraid of what will happen to their finances, and sadly, their relationships as they face opposing counsel and courts who seem hell-bent on depriving them of their federally secured rights. 

Please help us support them by donating!

If you would like to help veterans more by sending a check to reduce administration costs, please send a message to us on our CONTACT PAGE.

Boots on the Ground

Donations to Boots on the Ground are designated for a specific case that Trinity Advocates is supporting. Once the donation is received, the benefactor will receive an email requesting the case designee.

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What Do We Do?


Trinity Advocates primarily seeks justice for veterans … those on active duty and those long since departed from service to the nation … who are facing the courts.

Sadly, too often our courts side with perceived justice versus legal requirements imparted upon them by federal law. These side-stepping lawyers and judges harm veterans and steal away veterans’ abilities to feed, clothe, and house themselves. 

Trinity Advocates stands for the veterans and for justice that abides by the law, federal … then state … because that is how the law is effectuated for our veterans. 

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Trinity Advocates supports lawyers of veterans and pro se litigant veterans.

From legal advice, to federally compliant legal verbiage, to expert witnesses, Trinity Advocates provides counsel in support of veterans who face challenging legal situations like divorce, parental rights, and more. 

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From the American Bar Association to local municipal magistrates and judges, time and again, veterans’ rights, as provided by federal law, are circumvented in the perceived sense of justice or equality.


This is not how the system that our veterans fought for is designed to work. We are a nation of laws. On more than one occasion, the Supreme Court has struck down errant state courts who exercise judicial authority and violate the supremacy clause of the US Constitution.

Trinity Advocates will advocate from local bar associations to the US Congress to seek clear and unambiguous legislation in support of veterans. Moreover, we will address anti-veteran weighted advice promulgated by Bar Associations.  Learn More

Need Help?

Every day we learn of veterans who are faced with the loss of means to feed themselves and care for those they love.

Don’t fight alone … We’ve Got Your Six! 

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Gary L Good

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